Dramatic Win Mid-Trial in a Domestic Violence Assault in the Second Degree With a Deadly Weapon

The State accused our client of attacking his wife with a “Thighmaster” and his son with a kitchen knife during a heated argument. Interviews with our client’s son and wife revealed that it was the son who wielded a knife against his father, and that his wife had been hit by something, but that she was unsure if it was a Thigh-master, or some other object, and could not say with certainty that is was our client and not her son who had thrown the object. We worked with the State and presented this evidence to them in the hope that they would dismiss the charges before trial. The State decided to move forward with a trial despite this evidence. Midway, prosecutors realized the evidence did not support their case and were forced to dismiss. Our client walked out of Seattle’s Superior Courthouse visibly relieved to be able to move on with his life.
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Indecent Exposure Charges

Our client, a very young man, was charged with exposing himself to women in the park. Through diligent efforts and expert negotiation with the prosecution, Arturo Menendez was able to obtain our client no jail time and a clean record at the end of a probationary period.


Attempt to Elude and Conspiracy to Sell Heroin Charges

Arturo Menendez obtained the ultimate victory for his client when charges that he attempted to elude a police officer after attempting to sell heroin as part of a larger conspiracy were dismissed. Because our client was on federal probation, the victory was especially great, since he would not face any federal time for this state level crime as a result of the dismissal. Careful preparation and aggressive litigation are key to these victories – Arturo knows that and makes sure his clients receive the rewards of his efforts.
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Domestic Violence Assault in the Fourth Degree

Arturo Menendez once again obtained the ultimate victory for his client when charges that the client had hit his wife were dismissed. Attention to detail and a focus on results led to another astounding victory in a case that would have ruined our client’s life and reputation.


Felony Domestic Violence Assault in the Second Degree with a Deadly Weapon – A Firearm

Our client was charged with “pistol whipping” his wife. Exhaustive investigation, careful document searches, and aggressive witness interviews led to the very serious charges against our client being reduced to a misdemeanor with no jail time. Not only was our client able to keep his job, something he feared he’d lose as a result of the incident, but his firearm rights remained untouched as well. Because Arturo Menendez knows the criminal process from beginning to end, the client will also be able to clear his record.
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Felony Federal Charges of Threatening a Social Security Officer

Our client, a social security recipient due to his mental health issues, was accused in federal court of threatening to bomb the social security office. Witness after witness testified that our client threatened them over the phone and in person. Despite this evidence, we persuaded the Court to dismiss the felony portion of the case, and the jury could not agree on whether any crime had been committed. The felony charge being dismissed, the Government decided not to pursue any further action against our client.
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Felony Assault in the Second Degree with a Deadly Weapon – A Machete

Once again, our clients reap the benefits of Arturo Menendez’s careful attention to detail and persistence. Our client was charged with hitting an individual in the face with a machete. Witnesses stated they could hear the crack of the machete against the victim’s face. Nevertheless, charges were dismissed and our client walked away with no conviction from the incident.
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Felony Domestic Violence Assault in the Second Degree Reduced to Misdemeanor Assault 4, No Jail Time, and a Clean Record

Our client was charged with choking his significant other in the car while she was driving. Through active investigation and witness interviewing, creative lawyering and negotiating, Arturo Menendez was able to convince the State to drop the charges to a misdemeanor and enter into a program that will allow our client to keep his name clear of any conviction.

$380,000 JUDGMENT

Wage and Hour Litigation

While Arturo Menendez focuses on serious criminal cases; he also serves as counsel to those who find themselves in the middle of complex and aggressive litigation. Here, our client and his company were sued for supposedly walking off a construction site after a labor dispute arose. Through aggressive and systemized litigation, Arturo Menendez was able to turn the tables on the plaintiff, and obtained a $380,000 judgment in our client’s favor.
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