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serious crimes

Whether you are under investigation or charged with a serious crime, we will provide experienced, aggressive criminal defense at all stages of the criminal investigation and prosecution to protect your rights, reputation, and freedom.

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record clearing

A criminal conviction can follow you for years, hurting your career options, limiting your rights, and damaging your reputation. We will explore every legal option to clear your record of past criminal convictions so you can start anew.

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arturo menéndez

With a background in defending individuals who have been charged with state and federal drug charges, gun charges, crimes of violence, and other serious offenses, Arturo Menéndez has a wide range of experience in criminal defense. Our firm represents various types of clients across the entire state of Washington.

The majority of our cases result in dismissal, reduction of charges, or charges which can otherwise be cleared from the record.

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Arturo Menéndez has the following experience:

Former Federal Public Defender in Miami, Florida

Former Federal Clerk, U.S District Court, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Experienced in cases involving guns, drugs, and violence