Defense in Your Domestic Violence Matter

If you have been charged with domestic violence, we will present your best defense before investigators and prosecutors to defend your freedom and reputation.

If you have been accused violence or harassment against a family member, housemate, or partner, you can be charged with a domestic violence crime. Domestic violence crimes include:

  • Assault
  • Malicious mischief
  • Stalking
  • Harassment
  • Violation of a no contact order
  • Interference with domestic violence reporting

We Can Help

What is Considered Domestic Violence?

In the state of Washington, domestic violence is defined as any assault, bodily injury, physical harm, or even just the infliction of fear of such actions on a member of one’s family or household. No injury or physical evidence is required for conviction.

Family and household members can include many types of parties, such as a blood relative, a relative by marriage, a current/former spouse or domestic partner, a current/former boyfriend or girlfriend, or someone who shares a child with the accused party.

Assert Your Best Defense Against Domestic Violence

While domestic violence is a serious problem, it’s a fact that many people are unjustly accused of domestic violence based on exaggeration, misunderstandings, vengeance, and blackmail. We will make sure all of the facts are aggressively asserted in court.

At the Menéndez Law Firm, we will do everything in our power to make sure your best defense is presented, that all evidence is uncovered, and that you are not railroaded into a guilty plea or verdict based on bad information and unsupported accusations.

Whatever the circumstances of your domestic violence matter, we can help in defending your rights and your freedoms in court or during police questioning. Call the Menéndez Law Firm today at (877) 806-5535 to get started on your defense.

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Criminal Defense

We have an extensive knowledge of the legal system and can provide quality representation for you- from initial contact with law enforcement through appeal and post-conviction issues.


Pre-charge Representation

Our law firm can help you before you have even been charged with a crime, leading to cases that are never prosecuted, dismissed, or charged with a lesser offense.


Drug Charges (VUCSA)

Our attorney is skilled in the defense of all types of violations of the Uniform Controlled Substances Act (VUCSA). We handle cases involving alleged drug possession, drug delivery, drug crime conspiracy, and much more.


Domestic Violence Charges

Get the skilled defense you need when you are accused of carrying out an act of violence or harassment against someone in your family or household, or against a current / former significant other.


Gun Charges

Are you accused of violating Washington’s gun laws? If so, we can help you challenge your gun charges. We handle cases involving unlawful possession of a firearm, concealed firearms, and more.


Federal Crimes

When you are being prosecuted by the federal government, you can’t afford to have substandard legal representation. Our attorney is experienced in handling federal charges and is well-qualified to represent you.

Crimes of Violence

Being convicted of a violent crime can lead have life-changing consequences. Our attorney has extensive experience in criminal defense and can provide the systemized and aggressive litigation you need.


Representation for Police Investigations

If you are being investigated by the police, our lawyer can inform you of your rights and help prevent unnecessary interrogations from authorities.



With knowledge of the advantages of going to trial and how to conduct the best possible defense, our attorney can explain your options and aggressively represent your case.



You may be able to get your conviction overturned through the appeals process. Our lawyer can handle your appellate case from start to finish.


Criminal Records Clearing

Expunging criminal charges from the public record can help you restore a wide variety of privileges - from employment opportunities to the ability to obtain a loan.


Firearms Rights Restoration

Having a criminal record in the state of Washington will prevent you from owning a gun. However, you may qualify to have these rights restored after a certain period of time.

Fighting to Protect your Rights

Whatever your specific legal services may be, count on our attorney to provide the dependable representation that you require. We will conduct an in-depth investigation of the evidence and facts to ensure you are given the best chance of obtaining a positive result. Contact our Seattle criminal defense attorney now at (877) 806-5535 and learn more about our practice areas!

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